Grow as you go

Grow as you go

As your company grows, it is essential to have employees grow with your brand, remembering that they were key players in getting your business to where it is today!

According to LinkedIn, the number #1 REASON people change jobs is due to career opportunity!

Always ensure you invest in your team & their development which will in turn work wonders for your business

As business grows it’s important to ensure new employees fit the culture within your business & continue with the synergy that got you the growth to date, value your team & invest constantly to ensure everyone remains an asset to your organisation

Simple Ways to invest in your employees & improve staff retention

  • Invest in the growth of your existing employee’s, their development & progression is crucial to ensure someone remains dedicated & appreciated
  • Take the time to ensure your team are well & don’t leave them forgotten in the corner to crack on with the daily routine without recognition & essential one on one meetings, this ensures the team member feels valued & recognised
  • Ensure your employees role is distinctive, they need to know what is expected of them, along with their goals & progression & general duties & always ensure they have the ability to grow within your organisation
  • You & your team spend a lot of time in the office or on the field, it’s crucial to ensure the synergy amongst the team is tight & that your employees have familiar characters they can related to & enjoy their extended periods of time in the office (office culture super important)
  • Be sure to LISTEN & hear your employees, remember they are at the forefront of your business dealing with the positive & the negative, value their input & feedback & you’ll be surprised how this can benefit you in tailoring your services around constructive feedback you receive from your team
  • Promote good health in & out of work for your employees, remember they are there to help grow the business but also to grow their families & personal life outside of office hours, have a healthy balance & support your team & maintain the balance
  • Take time out to build your team up, fun activities whether at the office or remote locations can go a long way in boosting morale & showing appreciation to the team, this develops strong relationships in & out of the office… TEAM BUILDING all the way
  • Never be afraid to “dangle the Carrot” you’ll be amazed how motivated the team become when there is a reward on the table for great effort along with success, this can come in many forms from financial reward to a simple day off etc… everyone enjoys a little something extra
  • Treat your employees well with respect & the dignity they deserve, you get so much more out of people just the way you choose to speak to them, your employees are the crux of your business… Happy team means a productive work force along with happy clients