How has searching for a job impacted your life

How has searching for a job impacted your life

All the choices in this process can be overwhelming. Below are some of the things that would impact you and worthwhile being aware of them

The Financial Impacts

Your career decisions can have a huge impact on your finances, in an ideal world moving forwards would mean moving up however sometimes we take a step backwards to take 2 steps forward in the very near future.

Relocation costs, new travel expenses, additional time in the car & more fuel or higher travel expenses… all and much more can quickly affect & impact our lives

Relationship Impacts with your partner and children

What you decide to do in your career will have an impact on your loved ones. If you’re married or in a serious relationship and have children, then you will need to consider how your choices will affect your partner and children. Below are some questions you may need to ask yourself before making those decisions:

  • If you’ve found a new job in a different city, then are you going to expect your partner to relocate with you, possibly sacrificing their own job?
  • Your children if I relocate to another city, they have made friends and now would have to relocate to new schools and build new friendships, what is the impact on them?
  • Are you able to balance your work hours with the time you spend with your partner and children?
  • Have you discussed your career choice with your partner and is he or she comfortable with it?
Sometimes changing the direction of your career can be particularly stressful on your relationship and children as it could involve further academic studies, a change in salary, or different working hours, all of which will have an impact on you, your partner and your family.

Be Patient

We never have the patience to wait and take some time to find the right career. We are so impatient that we just want a career and take the first opportunity that comes, his is very normal for most of us & completely understandable in the current times & challenges we faced with

If you are blessed with enough time, try & be a little patient in your efforts of evolving your career, explore what brings you satisfaction & fulfilment

Making the right choice would have a HUGE impact on the future of your LIFE