How to stand out in a crowded market

Remote interviews

  • First impressions ALWAYS Count, make sure you are fresh, clean & looking professional for your interview & dress to impress
  • Make sure you positioned in a well lit room
  • Try select a quiet area for the interview to take place
  • Ensure you have a clear simple back ground behind you (or choose a professional back ground)
  • Keep your phone on silent
  • Keep your eye on the camera especially when talking
  • Stay focused on the interviewee & what’s happening on your screen
  • Turn off your PC notifications
  • Ensure your PC is up to date
  • Use the mute button when you not talking
  • Ensure you have a decent internet connection
  • If you don’t have battery back up on a laptop or similar, ensure you aware of any load shedding in your area
  • Keep your PC screen clear
  • Practice a Zoom call or similar with friends or family so you up to speed
  • Consume food before or after your interview
  • Do your research on your potential new employer
  • Ask questions & show interest