What’s different about going for a job now?

What’s different about going for a job now?

Online portals such as LinkedIn and referrals have become the new CV format . CV's today are used mostly in the screening process while decisions are made after interviews in seeing what's on paper verse in person. There are so many candidates in the job market, The HR Managers or the people that are doing the hiring often scan CV's very briefly. Most CV's today are two pages, but still include the expandede sections of yesterday's longer CVs. So, keep your CV short and attractive for the Managers who are hiring to view and want to see you.

Paper is a thing of the past

Most companies that receive CV’s they want to able to read it easily when getting them via email or their application system, they don’t print them. Examples below that will make it easier for the clients to be able to read

  • Headlines break the content
  • Shorten your paragraphs
  • When showing your key points, make them BOLD or Italic
  • Do not overcrowd the space, less is more
  • Adding logos, icons or charts, are helpful and readable, and the use of colour tastefully

Build relationship and then submit your cv

CV’s are not used as introduction anymore. If you have connected with people online, then your online profile is viewed first, and then your cv. So change your mind set to getting your profile out there and getting it seen more often on networks such as LinkedIn for example, and connect with people.

Employers want what they want

In the past, a cv or job application was focused on what the job seeker wanted. This is simply not true anymore. Now an application, CV or cover letter must speak to what value you can bring to the organization, or company. How can you bring value to the company or organisation? When you create your online profile always keep this in mind.

The Gap in a CV is not a big deal

Gaps in your cv are not as important as they used to be. Employers today realize that millions of people are losing their jobs, they also appreciate it when candidates shows initiative and have tried to start their own thing. Some say that in this time a lot of people are online trying to make their own way to get income, these days.

Your “Personal Brand”

Everyone has a personal brand whether we realise it or not.

What you put on an online portal must be who you are, your personality what you write as a story on your profile must be genuine and have a positive impact. How you react or answer or portray yourself is important. Always watch how you conduct yourself online as this plays a factor in how a potential employer / recruitment company see’s you.


Employer’s and recruitment companies always look for red flags, so you need to make sure your “brand“ is acceptable.

Typing is not a must anymore

Typing used to be one of the main things focused on in your CV before. Now, you have to know how to type just to have a CV. What matters is how prepared you are for an application. Access to the company that may be hiring you is easily accessible now, so do your research, as a result, expectations are much higher. To stand out you need to customise your CV and cover letter for the position you want. It’s better to send off targeted applications, then just send your CV for any position.