How to stand out in a crowded market

Why is interview preparation SO important

The most important step to GETTING a job is being prepared for your interview. Start by doing some preparation and research on the company you are applying for You'll feel more in control, you will appear cool, calm and collected as a result of your preparation & this will show & give a great impression to your potential employer

1. Be mentally prepared for your interview

Always think positive by having positive thoughts and feeling good about yourself.

Stay positive & be positive, what you portray in your interview is your first impression.

To increase your self-confidence, you should remain quiet before and interview and think about all that makes you happy & confident, sometimes music can also assist

2. Be prepared for your interview and know what you are applying for

Be prepared, go through your job spec understand your role within the company

Do research on the company and where the role fits in and why the role is available.

Do not repeat yourself, the interviewers may think you do not understand or you weren’t listening. Listen to the interviewers when they ask questions. Try put ideas in your own words and be spontaneous.

3. Your Body language

You should pay attention to your body language as it shows everything…

Your posture is what is going to show your level of confidence. You should sit straight and make eye contact when answering all questions which shows that you are confident and leaves a good impression.

4. Friendly attitude

Your attitude in an interview should always be friendly, you should be polite to everyone you meet.

Your potential employer may seek opinion of other people who met while waiting in the reception area ex: Receptionist to get an overall idea on your attitude. Arrogance will get you nowhere.

5. Eye Contact is important in an interview

In an interview its important to make eye contact with the interviewer that is asking the questions, this will make you seem confident and also trustworthy.

6. Shake hands (Covid regulations aside)

After your interview make sure you shake the interviewer’s hand and also anyone else that was in the interview, this shows that you are thankful for the interview and you are interested in working for company.

7. Speak clearly

The first impressions are the most important, your posture the way you answer a question and the way you come across during the interview is very important Always speak clearly & professionally with an energetic and lively voice

8. Don’t be too eager to show that you need the job

You should never show that you are too desperate or eager for the job. You should give the impression that you have other opportunities. Its important to leave the interview with such an impression that they need you and not the other way round. Having this mindset, you will get through your interview with ease.